Brain Cycles


I have had a revelation recently that my brain only has a limited amount of processing time each day and I need to evaluate what I am doing with it.  Most people want to improve certain aspects of their life, whether it is relationships, their faith, or their intellect.  What I found in myself is I have a ton of areas that need improvement but my thought train during the day was not reflecting this desire for betterment.

What are you thinking about?

I determined step one was that I need to think about what I was thinking about…I know that sounds ridiculous.  I began to find that I was wasting a lot of my processing power by trolling Facebook, watching useless TV (yes, there is some good TV), and worrying.  I was astonished with the amount of time that I was simply wasting and it sickened me enough to make some changes.

Start your morning right

MIchael Hyatt is one of my favorite bloggers to follow .  Recently he released a podscast about Become More Productive by Reengineering Your Morning Ritual.  I was challenged to reengineer my own morning so I could help set the stage for the day by making a strong statement of what my day was going to look like.  My morning ritual now includes things I have never been good at such as quiet time, prayer, reading of the Bible, organizing my task list, and actually eating breakfast.  I am only about two weeks into this new routine but I can already see that it is changing my flow of the day.

Stay on track and take a break if you can’t

Most days I am overwhelmed by the amount of work each one of my unique roles requires.  I am starting to understand that when I was overloaded I would by default wander into Facebook or Pinterest land.   As I recognized this, I started trying to take a break from the madness by going for a walk or playing foosball with a coworker.  This 10 minute break (sometimes longer if we were playing foosball) would allow me to reset my brain.  Instead of drowning my brain into other people’s latest updates on Facebook (and wasting an enormous amount of time) I could take that quick break and refocus so I could get back to business.

Your brain only has so many cycles, what are you spending them on?

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